Tuesday, December 04, 2001

I've been incrediably bad about updating my rec page(read, got sucked into a new fandom and am just beginning to surface again*g*). I have two for you. Clean and Shame by SeanaR(Clean is Gen, Shame is slash, Homicide). Clean is set right after Have a Concience and centers around Mike and Meldrick. Shame is Frank/Tim, a pairing I hardly ever read, but this was worth it. A short peak into Tim's head.

I am working on a few more recs right now, just need to sit down and think out my thoughts on them.


Sunday, September 23, 2001

One more try! This time I'm confident that this link will work!! Oh what a difference one " makes...

Daddy's Girl by Shannon(Gen, HLOTS). Can be found at 11 Cents. This story reads like an episode, the lines are blurry and even when you know who killed the victim, sometimes you can't crack the case. Sometimes the killer wins in the end. This story chronicles two unrelated cases being investigated at the same time. Munch and Kay have two dead teens, Pembleton and Bayliss have a 21 year old woman dead in her apartment. There is Bayliss and Munch angst. I could hear Pembleton and Bayliss' voices in the box scenes, playing off each other, hoping to trick a confession out of the suspect. This story has just made it to my list of all time favorites. I'll try and dig out the current URL's for the rest of Shannon's stuff, its all good.


Friday, September 21, 2001

Ignore the last rec on the last post, here it is without bringing you to an error message.

Daddy's Girl by Shannon(Gen, HLOTS). Can be found at posted by Dichotomy at

I have a few more recs that I'm working on, slash this time*g*. I was going to wait and throw up all of them at one time, but since I'm an impatient procrastinator, here is what I have. I wrote these down on 8-21. Also, I seem to have acquired another fandom(HELP!), so I'll be hunting down a few good stories for it(Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel).

Well, it seems like this update is going to be a combination of slash and gen. Humour me, I just twisted my knee last night. All I'm going to say is that ibprofen is my friend. (Knee almost all better now*vbg*)

Archive du Jour: 11 Cents. HLOTS archive for a list that has been around for ages. Join the 11 Cents yahoo list.

First up we have Boys Will Be Boys by Spinner(Gen, HLOTS). Oooh, I needed this today. It's set in the first season and Beau challenges Tim regarding Tim's marksmanship and terrorist elimination ability. I laughed hard on this one. Go Tim!

Ask Terri by Valeria(Gen, HLOTS). Terri Stivers answers letters asking for advice. I personally loved her response to "Hot, Hard and Heavy". I just want to be in the squadroom when he takes Terri's advice.*g*

Voices Carry by Valeria(Gen, HLOTS). Wow. Not a cheery story, but it is an interesting look into the mind of Anthony Lewis(Meldrick's brother). Anthony is one of those characters that I really wish we could have learned more about. Valeria does a good job in this one.

A Cross to Bear by k(Gen[this just seems to be the update for gen...], HLOTS). This one can be found at 11 Cents. Bayliss and Kellerman get a call the day after Christmas Day. A little girl is found dead, Bayliss has to deal with his own past and Kellerman is just starting his relationship with Julianna Cox.

Daddy's Girl by Shannon(Gen, HLOTS). Can be found at posted by Dichotomy at

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Well, again only one real rec, and its Gen! I yak with this author regularly on line and there are two sequels in the works! (no pressure at all Carla, no pressure at all...) Slivers of the Past, and since I'm lazy, I'll just c&p the summary here:

Summary:  A friend of Joe's finds herself being stalked by her abusive ex-husband; who also is a fellow watcher.  Can she find the courage to face him?

Go, read, and send feedback to the author!
And while you're at it, check out all the authors on the site, they all be good! The Repository. Daisy is great!


Thursday, July 26, 2001

OK, I don't have enough recs to validate a full update but I do have one that needs to be put up. Shell has posted her latest installment in her HCL/HLOTS series. It can be found so far only at Schism in the message archive. (Which is only open to members, so join today!)

Happy reading!


Tuesday, July 24, 2001

I've been a very bad reccer lately. So here is the latest installment of 11 Cent Recs, and only almost a month late! When I started this, I was going to try and make it weekly. Don't know if that is going to happen now. But rest assured, I'll try to update it at least once a month. And now on to the reccomendations...


Just For Kinks by C.L. Finn. A HLOTS/HL crossover that is a bit unusual. Only one character from HLOTS is in it, Meldrick Lewis. I love this one, it has Duncan being a voyer, which I love. (D/M, M/Meldrick)

Oh my, I can't believe that I haven't recommended Dayspring yet! I especially like The Mottled King and Dark Places and Fair, though all of her HL stuff is worth reading. Plus, on the OnlyDuncanMethos list she is doing a slash version of the season called The Elvis Minutes, which are very good so far.*g*

Dry Cell by Laura. The first time I read this I got chills. It falls into the catergory of kinda sorta death stories.

Due South:

Near Wild Heaven by AuKestrel. A true epic and worth every minute of reading it. Angsty and sweet. The great sex scenes don't hurt either. (the best ones are near the end*g*). I loved the alternate ending, Try Not to Breathe. I usually don't read death stories, but I had to read this one. I don't cry easily and I was on the verge of tears by the end of this one. Major character deaths. Can be found at either Due Slash or at AuKestrel's Page. Note: You need to e-mail her to get a password. On Due Slash it is seperated into three parts, Losing My Religion, Sweetness Follows and Near Wild Heaven.


Not slash I know, but it is therapy.*g* Can be found at 11 Cents. The Rooster by Elanaf. Don't read if you happen to, for some ungodly reason, like Falsone. Read if you hate Falsone for the slimy little scene grabber that he is.

Squadroom of Love by EA Karras. Evol fic at it's very best (or worst, depends on how you look at it), the Homicide boys Mystery Science Theatre a badfic. Kellerman/Meldrick.

Hopefully I'll be getting my shit together and put a couple more recs up tomorrow. Until then, happy reading!


Wednesday, June 20, 2001


Archives du jour: Schism The archive for the Schism list. Homicide.

due Slash, an archive that has only due South slash.*g*

The Sex, Lies and Videotapes series by Lauren Adams can be found at Seventh Dimension. Holy wow this sucker is HOT! D/M.

Cool Water by Fenris. I needed a good splash of cool water after reading this one. No plot, but hey, the sex is great!

"The Matchmaker" and its companion story "The Hunt" by Viccy. Duncan goes missing and the other Highlander and a certain old man go looking for him. D/M, first time. They can be found at Viccy's

I think that this is the update for gen fic, 'cause I have another one to recommend! The Restoration Series by D.L. Witherspoon has been updated with the final installment! It is Highlander and Methoscentric.


Oh my God, it's not slash! Never fear, Showdown in Fontana Land by Michelle K is quite good otherwise. So far unfinished, it has a plot that is satisfying to those who may have a grudge against Tom Fontana. Quite amusing.

What! No slash again! Dichotomy, what are you trying to pull on us? You might ask, but this fic is just too funny. Gee's Clues by Saundra Mitchell is quite, quite funny. You'll never look the same way at Blues Clues again... (side note: The guy who hosts Blues Clues was a murder suspect in the HLOTS ep "Full Court Press"...)

Slow Day in the Homicide Squad by Jackie. Not slash, but mentions it. The squad discovers some fan fiction on line. ::giggles::

Clean Cut by Beth. Tim did shoot Ryland and is hiding out. Plus he has an interesting roommate. Bayliss/Kryceck.

Yet another non-slash rec! Martha Stewart's Christmas Holiday Special by Beth. Oh my God, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at this one. Martha Stewart visits the Homicide squad for a Holiday special.*g*

A Bitter Suite by Evermore. Not slash, but a damned good story. 'What if...' is the best way to describe this story. It's wonderfully sad and I had tears in my eyes at the end. Not a happy read.

due South/Homicide, Lunar Eclipse in G Minor by Wax Jism. Kowalski ventures to Baltimore and runs into a certain detective. Pairing: Kowalski/M, Kowalski/Fraser.

due South:

A Modest Proposal by Resonant. Mmm, good, very good. Resonant good. Ray can't seem to find love.... RayK/Fraser.

Northern Comfort Series, the first two are by Kellie Matthews and are due South/Hard Core Logo crossovers, and the third is coauthored by Kellie Matthews and AuKestrel and is a Hard Core Logo/Tales of the City crossover. This series puts the long in long, but is worth every minute spent reading it. All pairings are CKR/PG:), just in different roles.